AFRIPIK: Making African stock pictures readily available for creatives and organisations

You do not have to be disappointed anytime you surf the net for African stock pictures, and your creative process does not have to be unnecessarily stretched and frustrating either…

There is a solution, AFRIPIK!

AFRIPIK is your go-to for African stock pictures. As a stock photography company, we are committed to providing you with a variety of high-resolution African pictures that capture the reality of Africa today and depict her various cultures.

In Gabriel Nzekwe’s words, co-founder of AFRIPIK, “The best persons to put out African stock pictures on the internet are Africans themselves.” Being a graphic designer, he also faced the challenge of not finding the right picture for his design.

Here is what he had to say

“In my 200L and 300L in the university, I used Google to get the images I needed for my designs. The images I usually got were dull and of low resolution. During my penultimate internship at Silverbird Communications though, I was exposed to platforms like Pexels, Nappy, Unsplash, and Pixabay from where we got pictures for design tasks assigned to us. This was a relief in my design journey but not much of a relief as Silverbird was an African business with an African audience. There were many times, I was asked to settle for images of black people who were not African. 70% of the time, none were available to fit into the concept I wanted for my designs.”

And like it’s said, necessity is the mother of inventions. For him, the necessity that inspire AFRIPIK came during the lockdown when there was a high demand for African stock pictures for his craft. His journey of trying to solve this problem was for himself, fellow designers, creatives and generally anyone who desires to explore the African world through the lens of photography.

He teamed up with people who had the skill set to make his dream a reality, people who shared his opinion that if visuals were to be used to tell an African story, draw more engagement and amplify an African brand’s unique voice, they should be truly African and of high quality. 

Why having a variety of high-quality African stock pictures matters;

We found statistics from social media examiner that showed that content with pictures on Facebook gets an interaction rate of up to 85%. Companies that post updates in the form of visuals were also seen to create up to 100% engagement. A study by Buffer also recorded that Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites, and 150% more retweets. 

We know your works could bag more love and engagement from your client or audience just like or even better than the statistics above. Most times though, you are forced to settle for less than what you have in mind like Gabriel was.

This is where AFRIPIK comes in.

AFRIPIK is an African stock photography company that presents you with a wide range of African pictures at very affordable rates. You wouldn’t have to settle for less anymore.

Afripik offers you;
  • High-resolution African stock photos to communicate your ideas better
  • Variety of pictures that increase your options
  • An opportunity to promote your work as a photographer
  • An opportunity to promote your work as a creative
  • A community to grow with and explore Africa together
  • Training on the different ways to tell aptly your African story and ways to monetize the skills

Isn’t that great? Now, when next you think of African stock pictures, let AFRIPIK come to your mind.

You can head over to Afripik and begin to explore Africa. Listen to these amazing images speak to you and find pictures that are either suitable for your ongoing project or pictures that inspire your next big project.


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